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Powder coatings booths

In our product range we offer coating booths made of sheet steel and dielectric booths constructed from sandwiched plastic panels. When frequent colour change is required, a dielectric booth is to be  recommended. The neutrally-charged internal walls of the cabin and the electrostatically-charged powder facilitates quick colour change. The booths that we offer integrate seamlessly with all electrostatic application systems of all the leading manufacturers in our market.

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We offer classic cabins for powder coating booths and with external manual coating points. These booths can be equipped with external and internal air-blowing systems and powder centers – the necessary equipment for cleaning the booth and for powder change. Booths with external manual coating points are slightly smaller in dimension and are equipped with an automatic application system. External manual coating points give the operator more room for maneuver in comparison to the standard booth. This option is ideal for complex pieces being difficult to coat manually.

The powder booths can be equipped with free-standing automatic reciprocators and oscillators, depending on the required automatic number of applications. Additionally, the whole system can be fitted with vertical object recognition system, which allows full automated management of each application. The vertical reciprocators and oscillators are equipped with an automated control system which governs all functions within a working stroke of the equipment to a very high degree of  accuracy and precision. Furthermore, they are fitted with a ‘particle protection system’ to safeguard against entry of any airborne  powder particles. Automated skids are made of reduced anti friction material and the rails of all applicators are fitted with a self-cleaning system.



Booths equipped with powder centres make colour change quick and easy through an automatic system that systematically cleans the internal powder transit hoses, powder absorbing hose and all other elements of the powder transmission centre.

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