Sublimation transfer technology is based on the application of coatings (carbon paper, films, etc.), which give the effect of wood, rust or marble and can be used on either steel or aluminum surfaces. The range of effects obtainable is practically limitless.

The sublimation transfer process can be divided into several stages. The first one being an application coating of polyester powder primer from the Ecosublifix series. To ensure better adhesion of the powder, following cooling down, the piece is wrapped in sublimation foil and by using a vacuum process, the air is removed from under the foil. In the next stage, the prepared workpiece goes to a special oven, where the transfer of pigment from the sublimation film to the previously painted workpiece takes place.

After the transfer of pigment is completed, the piece is taken out of the oven and the foil is removed from it.

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Ecosublifix series primer powders are available in two basic finishes:

→ ECOSUBLIFIX Pes smooth mat → Q161 series

→ ECOSUBLIFIX Pes fine texture, matte → Q261 series

Both series have three subcategories and are classified according to a shade type, where each shade has infinite nuances and allows for wide range of surface finishes.

Currently, 21 ECOSUBLIFIX base powders are available, 15 of them are constantly in stock. They are available in all the shades, required and can reproduce any wood effect.

ECOSUBLIFIX primers are approved for Class 1 according to the technical specifications of the “Qualicoat” quality mark.

→ Q161 series – class 1 / category 1 – approval P-0843

→ Q261 series – class 1 / category 1 – approval P-0996

With the goal of improving quality and innovation, the R&D laboratory has already developed the same finishes and colors of standard ECOSUBLIFIX Superdurable Class 2 “Qualicoat” primers, which are available on request.

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