This product was developed as a completely zinc-based dust-free primer, or anticorrosive primer for ferrous substrates. It owes its properties to the strong cross-linking of epoxy resin and its original amorphous structure. O185.O773 is extremely resistant to corrosion, moisture and chemicals, has better mechanical properties and adheres much better to ferrous substrates than conventional zinc primers.
There are no hazard warning pictograms on the packaging of this product and its transport does not have to be carried out in accordance with ADR convention regulations. Due to its low specific weight it has a higher coverage coefficient per square metre of application. When Primer O185.O773 is used in combination with the appropriate Ecopolifix topcoat (PH-Series Pes ECO-IND, IND Pes-P, Q-Pes or N-Pe-Sd, depending on the situation) and with the correct surface preparation, creates a “barrier” effect, so therefore does not require the use of a protective anode. It will offer the same level of protection as a zinc primer, while meeting the strictest requirements of ISO 12944.


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  • Colour: Grey
  • Finish: Smooth, semi-gloss
  • Density: 1,3/1,4 gr/cm3
  • Layer thickness: min. 80 pm
  • Mechanical characteristics: (see dry residue content)


  • 180/15-20′ (object temperature in °C/minute), when used as topcoat.
  • 150/15′ or 180/3′ (object temperature in °C/minute), when used as a primer. Partial curing is critical to optimise top coat powder adhesion.
  • Pay special attention if applying this coating near to any gas stove with an open combustion chamber, or working stoves that are either faulty or burning improperly, as oxidation of the top layer of the primer may occur due to the presence gas vapours, which in turn may lead to a reduction of adhesion between the primer and the top coat.
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