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Coating systems

We offer complete solutions which enable simplification and modernization of production.

Our complete manual and automatic powder coating systems are equipped with the highest class of dielectric booths, as well as advanced monorails and “Power&Free” conveyors (birail), manipulators and object recognition barriers utilising both 2D and 3D technologies.
We also offer pyrolysis ovens and cataphoresis coating devices.


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Powder coatings

The production of powder coatings used today is one of the fastest growing segments of the industry. Due to thermosetting coatings, the powders are completely free of solvents, as they are applied in a solid state. What’s more, powder coatings are immediately ready for use, easy to apply and store, non-flammable, harmless to human health and to the environment. The residue after the coating process is 100% dry. It is possible to recover the powder at the end of the production cycle, making the application economical and efficient.

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Metalworking machinery

We offer a wide range of equipment designed for professional metalworking such as lasers, saws for cutting metal, CNC pipe and bar benders and CNC profiling machines.

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We constantly assist our clients on every project phase in consultancy, advanced service and training offer. Apart from technically advanced powder coating lines, we also offer high quality coating powder and varnishes, that effectively and aesthetically coat the surfaces while maintaining respect for the environment.

Our support contains the following:

  • pconcept preparation for coating lines
    • consulting and customer support in the field of technical solutions
    • optimization of coating and varnishing processes
    • technical training operation of the equipment and product parameters.
    • professional warranty and post-warranty repairs, as well as maintenance support.


serwis@ecoline.com.pl | tel. (+48) 606 693 275

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Important part of our offer is training and consulting. Together with our Clients and business partners we try go gain the knowledge, share the information from the industry and support each other. Such attitude helps us to develop, grow and expand.
At the customer’s request, we organize training sessions. The offer includes:

  • product presentation,
  • presentation of the newest technologically advanced solutions,
  • effective coating advisory of the production process
  • knowledge and experience exchange
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We offer laser cutting services with the latest technology from BLM group. We are able to ensure the accuracy as well as the repeatability of the details produced. In our offer you will also find services such as bending and cutting of metal sheets, punching on an eccentric press, rolling of metal sheets, processing of elements made of wood, soft metals and plastics, as well as TIG and MAG welding. We offer a modern process of preparing the surface of metals before coating – shot blasting. Surface preparation of metal sheets to a degree of cleanliness Sa 2,5 according to PN-ISO 8501-1. Professional services of anti-corrosion protection, pre-treatment services and powder painting of surfaces.

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