Pyrolytic ovens

Thanks to pyrolytic ovens it is possible to completely remove excess of cured powder from the hangers, improperly coated pieces and contaminants from process machinery, thus avoiding surface deformities and blemishes of the coated pieces.

Our ovens are equipped with a unique second double-loading combustion chamber, which is something that other available models on the market do not possess. This system gives an oven temperature of 850° C for more than two seconds and meets the current European standards for emission of non-polluting fumes into the atmosphere and conforms to the following directives: 89/392/CEE, 91/369/CEE, 98/68/CEE and also with CEE EN 6824/1 and UNI EN 292-2.


Pyrolytic ovens

Our pyrolytic oven systems guarantee highly efficient and economical operation, due to the special construction of their walls, insulation and the secondary use of gases from the primary combustion phase. The two-stage burner is also economical, as it allows precise adjustment of the power to the actual thermal demand during each phase of the pyrolysis process, therefore significantly reduce operating costs.
In addition, they are equipped with electronic systems that control the various phases of the firing process. A printer displays and records the oven temperature in real time and ensures complete shutdown protection of the equipment in the event of the temperature exceeding set limits.
Additionally, the control system allows for the continuous and precise control of the pyrolysis process, so that even minimal deformations of the aluminum castings can be avoided. The quality and technology used during the construction of the furnace give absolute confidence in the operation and durability of the equipment.

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