Automatic and manual applications

Automatic and manual powder coating guns with high voltage generators are ideal for electrostatically-charged powder, whereby due to the method of electrostatic charging, the powder particles adhere to the surface. The powder coating guns that we offer are produced with state-of-the art technology and are especially recommended for the application of metallic paints.

The components of these devices are assembled in a very simple way and enable easy operation and service. All powder guns are fitted with a GR electronic controller card and have been designed and constructed with the latest AG technology and meet the legal requirements regarding UE standards and testing in accordance with EU regulation. EN-500-50/54.


Automatic and manual applications

The groupsets that we offer are mobile coating centres, which are adapted to work both on manual and automatic powder lines. They can be used both for large-batch production and for sparingly-coated or for one-off pieces which require recoating or reworking.
Each set contains:

  • Manual powder gun
  • Control module
  • Vibrating powder trolley or fluidizing bed
  •  Injector

We offer self- powered controllers of high frequency, which are compatible with both manual and automatic powder guns. The systems are modular and efficient for a very wide range of applications. Microamperes are preset at three levels so as to optimize the voltage limit and current. It is possible to connect device with PLC controllers for the management of voltage or current rating parameters. The controller is able to self-regulate each of the parameters.

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Electrical controller data:

  1. Nominal input voltage – 230V, 50Hz
  2. Frequency – 50 Hz
  3. Working temperature – +100C – +400C
  4. License No. – 50050 zona 22 112D Eex2mj


Pneumatic data:

  1. Input pressure – min. 5,5 bar
  2. Output pressure – max. 8 bar
  3. Max.condensate in compressed air – 1,3g/m3
  4. Max. oil vapour content of the compressed air – 0,1mg/kg
  5. Max. consumption of compressed air – 9 m3/h


  1. Length – 330 mm
  2. Width – 430 mm
  3. Height – 88 mm
  4. Weight – 9 kg
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