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The core activity of the company is designing and constructing technologically advanced powder coating lines. Our original solutions are often adapted to special requirements in the field of quality of the coat, shape and size of the coated details and requirements of the high productivity. Thanks to precisely matched offers, our clients are able effectively to upgrade production processes in their companies. Our technologies help to improve production efficiency and influence the overall quality of the implemented processes, which is what considerably strengthens their competitiveness on the market, both in Poland and abroad.

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We offer manual, automatic lines, dielectric booths, ultrasonic sieves, or installations for surface protection by using electrophoresis method. We constantly assist our clients on every project phase in consultancy, advanced service and training offer. Apart from technically advanced powder coating lines, we also offer high quality coating powder and varnishes, that effectively and aesthetically coat the surfaces while maintaining respect for the environment.


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Research and Development

Investing in development of the company, staff skills and infrastructure is very important to us. We are constantly involved in a large number of Research and Development projects and activities that have already led to four proprietary and patented coating solutions:

  • Modular booth for powder coating
  • Multiple task surface pretreatment section with collecting drain
  • Polymerization oven for powder coatings
  • Oven panel for polymerisation and drying of powder coating with modular construction
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The technologies we have developed support our clients and their activities in the areas of:

  • Health and safety of employees
  • Optimalisation of production processes
  • Care of the environment
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Flexible configuration of coating lines
  • Implementation of Industrial legislation 4.0
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Quality policy

The highest quality of the products and solutions that we offer is of the utmost importance. For this reason, all our products are subjected to rigorous research and testing before they are offered for sale. We carefully select suppliers from companies for whom quality and ecology are also business priorities. Our coating plants are consistent with the Certificate of Conformity in accordance with European Directives:

  • Machinery MD 2006/42/WE
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC 2014/30/UE
  • Low Voltage LVD 2014/35/UE
  • European Directive ATEX 2014/34/UE

Our powder coating range KANSAI HELIOS meets the highest quality requirements for environmental protection and is confirmed by the appropriate certificates and approval.

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Our partners

From the very beginning we have understood that support of our partners, with whom we share fundamental values and close and cooperative relations, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards and safety and environmental issues, is a core factor of our development. Due to our trusted network of reliable and established suppliers, we are able to propose not only the best solutions to our customers, but also to fully optimize their individual production processes.

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We are extremely aware of our responsibility to the natural environment as users and distributors of chemical substances, so we pay great attention to the verification of each product and solution we use and that we propose to our customers and clients. Every day we face fresh new challenges in the designing and building of effective and ecological powder coating lines. We offer our clients products of high ergonomic value, including energy savings, closed-circuit water installations, powder recovery and cooling tunnels, the construction of which allows the reuse of hot air to heat other areas of the production facility and much more.

We also continuously evaluate our methods of production, seeking out new solutions, to ensure our products are as environmentally friendly as they can possibly be.

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A Career at Ecoline?

Each year of our company’s activity presents us with new challenges and bring achievements as well as well as the desire for constant development. Therefore, when bringing our team together, we are looking for people who are deeply involved in their professional work, are willing to learn, are always looking for new solutions and opportunities, and actively participate in the life and culture of the entire company.

We value honesty, creativity, commitment and the ability to adapt to changing situations in a busy working environment. The forging of good working relationships, teamwork and the intention to pursue the common goal is our priority.

Our expectations
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What do we need form You?


  • your initiative and creativity
  • the inspiration to bring fresh challenges
  • identification with our company and its values
  • compliance with the rules and procedures according to corporate standards


  • to building positive working relationships with other company employees on the basis
    of friendly cooperation
  • ability to function as part of a well-organized team
  • a polite manner


  • possess the ability to adapt to change taking place in the company
  • involvement in the process of implementing changes


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European Union Projects

For many years we have been involved in various research and development projects that have improved the quality of our products and have provided our clients with Customer Service to the highest level. Our commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in the European Union supporting our projects from the European Regional Development Fund. We encourage you to review the details of the activities which we have undertaken.

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