Hermetization of production processes


During the powder coating procedure, inclusions from the environment, such as dust and pollen, often raise a serious problem and reduce the quality of the coated surfaces. Therefore, it is extremely important to make powder coating as hermetic as possible, to minimize material loss. Ecoline’s solution optimizes the entire powder coating process and maintains sterility at every stage.


Powder coatings are thermosetting polymer-based solids that melt and spill when exposed to heat. They are cured through a crosslinking process. It is the most environmentally friendly powder coating process. They are produced on the basis of resin, which is a kind of binder of the coating. Unfortunately, at the initial stage of coating, the molten layer of powder becomes contaminated, because different sorts of impurities such us: pollen, dust or dirt easily stick to the soft powder, what makes the process hard to reverse without losing quality of the product.


Ecoline as a leader in the coating industry, has developed a solution that minimizes the risk of contamination of the powder coated surfaces. Hermetization of the production processes protects the material at every coating stage, from surface pre-treatment, through powder coating, to the complete cooling of the entire workpiece. Additionally, it is energy, costs and materials efficient solution.


The first step in the airtight powder coating process for steel is to prepare the surface by thorough cleaning by means of special chemicals, mains and demineralized water. Demineralized water is used for the final thorough rinsing of the surface and removal of residual mineral salts from the mains water. When coating the elements, that in the future might be exposed to weather conditions, such as rain, sunlight and wind, it is important to additionally protect the steel from corrosion. In order to protect the surface from destruction, at this stage, technique of passivation is commonly used.

After the cleaning and surface protection, the steel workpiece is dried in the oven. At this stage the piece is already subjected to air-tightening process. Before the piece will be transported into the oven and later into subsequent zones of the coating line, it is placed in a tunnel. The tunnel is equipped with supply and exhaust fans that prevent contaminants from reaching the surface of the workpiece.

After the surface is completely dried, the powder coating process is followed by polymerization. The coating process takes place in an automatic booth, equipped with an ultrasonic sieve, which is placed in the Clean Room, a room with constant temperature, humidity and proper laminar air flow. The ultrasonic sieve protects the process from any impurities that may be found in the powder.







After the powder is applied, the details are transported into polymerization oven. During curing stage, the temperature of the oven reaches 180 degrees. Then, in an airtight cooling tunnel, the workpieces are transported to the unloading area. During this operation, supply and exhaust fans release the hot air to the outside and thus shorten the cooling process.

The purpose of  air-tightening the production processes is not only to optimize the entire procedure, but above all to ensure the highest quality of the coating – says Piotr Potocki, the president of Ecoline. All of the stages are equally important and should be air-tighted in order to achieve the  best final result as possible. The air- tightening process was first tested at our own coating line and later we have started to propose it to our customers, to be able to ensure the best possible quality of coating.


The solution offered by Ecoline is not only to guarantee the highest quality of the final product, but also many other additional advantages, including environmental benefits. During the entire process, warm air is generated  from the cooling tunnels and can be discharged to other areas. This solution can be used especially in winter, to recycle heat that could be reused for heating.


Unlike traditional methods of painting, the system of coating line is optimized and compact. Specially developed and displayed fans in the coating line also contribute to significant energy savings. The need for installation of extra fans on the production plant in other areas is thus eliminated.

– Ecoline’s priority is to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and solutions. That is way we constantly invest in our development, competence and infrastructure,” emphasizes Piotr Potocki, president of Ecoline. – Our products undergo a lot of testing and research before they reach the customer. We conduct a number of research and development projects that have led us to proprietary solutions, such as just air- tightening of  the powder coating process.

In addition to powder coating services, the company not only offers high-quality solutions, but is also willing to share its professional knowledge during training courses and workshops.


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